Rec Game-day Policies

UpdatedSaturday February 8, 2020 byLCSC Board of Directors.

Rec Game-day Policies


  • Respectful conduct within our parking lot is required.
  • Creative parking is not allowed, and those parking in an unsafe manner risk having their vehicle towed at their expense.
  • Parking on the grass surface near the crosswalk is prohibited.
  • Parking in marked handicapped parking spots is by permit only.
  • Do not interrupt the flow of traffic by double parking.
  • Parking along the roadway/barrier between the crosswalk and the lot behind the pavilion (Main Lot) is NOT allowed at any time.
  • Do NOT park outside the gate or on Boght Road - you will risk being towed.
  • Please do not leave your vehicle for the afternoon, once the last game is over the fields will be closed and gate to the complex will be locked!
  • Crosswalk volunteers may remind you of an unsafe practice: please be respectful of their directions.

Drop offs: DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF AT THE CROSSWALK.  This is a dangerous practice, and will not be tolerated.  It also doesn't afford you that much more time.  Plan to be to the fields with extra time before your game.

Walkways: Walking along the roadway between the crosswalk and the lot behind the pavilion (Main Lot) is prohibited.  This is dangerous, as this is a two-lane roadway with no sidewalk.  Please walk on the pavilion-side of the roadside barrier.

Pets: No pets (beyond service animals) are allowed at the Complex.  This is a Town of Colonie rule.  An exception would be an on-duty service animal.

Behavior: Please be respectful of players, coaches, referees, and volunteers.  This is a recreational league: official scores are not kept, and therefore neither are standings.  Before you find yourself getting angry and/or disruptive, ask yourself: Is it worth it?  This program is meant to be fun, and for the players to learn soccer skills.  Certainly, being scored against isn't all that "fun", but a focus on positive actions and good play is encouraged.

  • For grades 3 and up, spectators are allowed on the spectating side of a playing field ONLY.  This side of the field is indicated by the multilevel bleachers.  Coaches and players ONLY are allowed on the player-bench side of the field (Coaches and assistants have completed a background check to allow for this).
  • Players that are not on the teams playing the game are not allowed on the player-bench side of the field, unless a registered coach or assistant for a playing team is that child's only source of supervision.
  • For Grades 3 and up, spectators must provide at least a 15-yard buffer between themselves and the end-lines of the fields (goal ends).  It is strongly preferred that spectators not view the game from the ends of the field.  These rules are for the safety of our players and families.  Volunteer coaches have the right to ask spectators to adhere to these rules.
  • For Grades PreK-2, it is preferred that spectators sit on the side opposite player gathering space (space between fields).  It is most important, however, that at least two feet of space be maintained between spectators and the field lines.  Common sense should be used when picking a space to watch these divisions: Spectators should realize that an errant ball could quickly make them part of the game.
    • Addendum for NA (Grades 1&2): NA fields lined on the larger full-sized fields (e.g. Field 1) are exempt because of the significant distance between tandem fields.  However, spectators should not encroach on team gathering spaces (where players sit waiting to enter the game).  Please allow teams to create their own sideline space.  This addendum does not apply to the tandem fields on Field A (NA1; fields below main parking lot).

Noisemakers: The use of noisemakers is restricted.  The use of an airhorn is prohibited.  Other, less-distracting devices (e.g. cowbell) can be used during a tournament, but are discouraged during season play.  The reason for this policy is to reduce distraction for the teams and to coordinate with potential neighborhood noise restrictions.  Exception: Those who wish to cheer but medically require assistance (e.g. small horn, etc.) to do so.  These individuals are asked to keep noisemaker activity to a minimum.

Player Readiness: Players must have shinguards to play, and should wear cleats and their uniform for games. Referees (where applicable) and coaches will check for shinguards before games.  Players will not be allowed to play without shinguards.

Jewelry:  No jewelry is to be worn by players during a game.  Two exceptions: Medical alert bracelet (please band or tape) and NEW earring studs that cannot be removed (must be taped).  This rule is to protect the player and their property.

Hats: Hats should not be worn by players during a game.  Exception: Very cold weather - thin wool/fleece hats or earwarmers (not earmuffs) are allowed.
Field closings due to weather:  We play games in rain or shine, hot or cold.  We will stop/cancel games if the threat of thunder/lightening occur as with most sport functions.  If we do cancel games do to poor conditions best communication will be through email, and website update,  please keep a look out for those if it occurs.
Referees: Referees are provided by the Club for Grades 3 and up.

  • During game play, the referees are in charge of the play within the boundaries of the field.
  • Spectators are asked to demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after a match.  Referees (and coaches) have the right to stop a game and even ask a spectator to leave the field if they feel that the spectator's behavior is inappropriate or threatening.
  • Spectators and coaches are asked to remember that referees are older children, and they will not always make the correct call.  However, they are learning the game from this angle as well, and are being monitored by the Club. LCSC's Rec program is non-results oriented, and therefore there is no value to arguing an incorrect call - just let the game continue. If a spectator has a concern with a particular call, that concern should be communicated to the team coach, who should then speak with a Club official at their earliest convenience.

High scoring: Smaller format games (4v4, 7v7, 8v8) on smaller size fields will ultimately result in more goals per game.  This differs from full-format, full-sized soccer.  We ask that all participants understand this before reacting in any way to the number of goals scored per game.

LCSC Rec Committee and Board of Directors reserve the right to add to or adjust these policies after review of request for change.