LCSC Makes an impact half way around the world!

UpdatedThursday May 25, 2017 byJoAnne Foglia.

The Latham Circle Soccer Club is committed to the advancement of youth soccer and all the benefits that go along with being part of a team community.  

For years the LCSC community has donated to Karen Flewelling, a former Shaker HS sports coach who spends her time traveling to remote areas in Africa working with an organization called Drillingforhope.  She travels to remote areas and works with villages to develop fresh water supplies.  As part of her mission she brings sports gear for the children in the areas they are helping. Over the years she has delivered hundreds of soccer uniforms and balls from the LCSC community.  For more information on the work she does please visit

This past season our U14 boys - The Bison, donated the balance of their player fees used for tournaments and an end of the year celebration to this charity... Very proud of these boys and the valuable lesson they learned by helping their counter parts in sports - half way around the world, they made quite an impact!

Below is an excerpt from a letter Karen sent to us. 

I am in a remote village in Tanzania.  These are your uniforms and soccer ball.  The boys never smile for pictures ( I do not know why), but they really are happy.  After we took the pictures, they were all laughing and playing with the new ball.

The entire school treated them like rock stars.  Everyone was very happy.

Thank you to all of the boys who donated for these uniforms and ball.

Karen Flewelling