Travel Soccer Reopening Protocols and Guidelines

UpdatedSunday August 2, 2020 by E. Luzcando.

Resume of Practice:

  • Practices will commence with your last year's team and coach in the interim (see coaches and emails below). Please look for emails from your 2019/2020 coaches for those sign-ups. 

  • Practices will be 45 in length with up to 9 on a field

  • Generally, these teams will practice on either Tue, Wed or Thurs in 45 min increments between 5-7pm at the Bought Soccer Complex. Your coach will email you with sign-ups.

  • Once you’ve registered; your coach will notify you of our arrival and drop protocols of:

    • All parents staying in your cars while at the Boght Soccer Complex.

    • Your designated parking area for each field location.

    • You will need to stay onsite until the conclusion of practice (in case of injury, parents will need to attend to player needs).

  • Players must turn in the Player/Parent/Coaches Mandatory Protocols for Participation form at each practice. If these are not turned in, they can not play.


Thank you again for your patience during these uncertain times. Please look forward to more communications as we evolve and learn more about what the future holds.


Please find the Coaches/Players daily sign in sheet we are going to use below.


Click here to register for the 2020-2021 Travel Season