Saints Game Store

UpdatedMonday October 5, 2020 byD. Wicklund.


If you do not have a GAME uniform from last season or wish repurchase, you will need to so by 10/11 in order to meet the opening of Winter Session 1 gameplay.

  • Store Closes Sunday, Oct 11th
  • Game apparel will not ship again until the new year!

‚ÄčMandatory Items Are:

  • Blue & White Game Jersey (CONFIRM your roster # with YOUR COACH before self-assigning)
  • Blue Game Shorts. Two cuts are available. Choose which is best for your player
  • Practice Shirt
  • Black Shorts (you can choose to buy your own)
  • Blue & White Socks (you can choose to buy your own)

Questions:  Deanna Wicklund email: