Latham Circle Soccer Club – Fall Recreational Program USA Division (PreK/K) Season Outline:

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Latham Circle Soccer Club – Fall Recreational Program USA Division (PreK/K) Season Outline:

 Thank you for volunteering your time for this soccer season! At this age group level – PreK and Kindergarten – we introduce some of the most basic fundamentals of teamwork and soccer skills. But mostly, the focus of our recreational program is on having fun playing soccer. Some basic information on the USA Division design follows. Much more detail can be found in the Coaches and Referee’s Guide for Grades 3 and up, which will also be available on our web site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Gameday • Games are on Saturday mornings starting the second weekend after Labor Day. There are two or three time slots for games; teams will play at the same time each week, but not necessarily on the same field. Schedules will be posted on your account page (TeamWALL) and posted at the fields. All games are played at the North Colonie Sports Complex on Boght Road (if needed, directions are on

Game time slots are 60 minutes long. There is a practice time before the game starts, which can be roughly 20 minutes long. The actual game is played for the remainder of the 60 minute slot. Coaches from both teams should work together to determine start time and if there will be a halftime (and for how long).

Game format is 4v4. Fields are sized appropriately for PreK/K players. Goals used will be 6’ portable pop-up (PUGG) goals.

• There are ABSOLUTELY NO penalty kicks, corner kicks, goal kicks or throw-ins allowed in the USA Division. • If the ball goes out of bounds, it is to be placed at the spot it exited the field and kicked back into play by the opposite team. Endline restarts should be placed at an appropriate distance from the goal. Restarts should be done as quickly as possible and should be a short pass; players shouldn’t be kicking it as hard as they can.

• If a hand ball occurs, put the ball on the ground where it occurred and continue playing. The team that did not cause the hand ball infraction would gain possession of the ball.

• This division has NO GOALIES. Coaches should not play a child back as a goalkeeper, all players are expected to move and participate in the field of play. We realize that some kids naturally migrate towards the goalie position, but it is the coach’s responsibility to keep them from “goal hanging”.

• Coaches referee the game. Teams have been built such that the game should have an adult representative from each team.

• After a goal, opposite team restarts game with an indirect kick starting in the center of the field. Opposing team players should give at least a 5 ft buffer until ball is in play. • There are NEVER any defensive walls to block a kick.

• Coaches should encourage players to stay on their feet (no sliding). 

Player attire is outlined in the Coaches' Guide. Players will receive a team shirt, which should be worn visible during the game.

Ball size: Size 3. Typically, each player will receive a ball from the Club. Practice sessions

Practices will happen during the first part of the 60 minute game slot.

• Each team can take a half of the field for their practice session.

• Practice format is up to the coach – basic ball skills, dribbling, shooting, and even passing can be taught. Simple games (red light, green light; monkey-inthe-middle; sharks and minnows; etc.) can be played. The more the players get a chance to “touch” the ball, the better.

Player Drop-offsThere will be NO player drop offs allowed near the crosswalk as it creates a traffic jam and is very dangerous for the kids. Please instruct your parents to park around the opposite side of the Complex’s Field 1 (Field on your right as you pull in to the complex) – USA games are played on the side of Field 1 furthest from the pavilion, so this is a good place to park anyway (see diagram).

Garbage – Please make sure that you and all of your children/players/parents pick up their garbage after each game and dispose of it properly. We have a great soccer complex; please help us to keep it clean.

Background Checks – Absolutely no adults are allowed on the sidelines or field with the players unless they have successfully completed the background check located on the Latham Soccer website. If you identify a parent(s) that you would like to assist you during the games, please have them register to help on-line – this will then require a background check.

Concession/Crosswalk – Coaches may be asked to help recruit a small number of adults to help in our concession stand and crosswalk. There is an online schedule that identifies time slots to fill. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have, or if you’d like to become more involved in the Club in any way (e.g. making teams, coordinate volunteers, etc.).

Have a great season and thank you for all of your help!


Coach guide - Grades PreK and K (USA) (2).pdf