Latham Circle Soccer Club – Fall Recreational Program North American Division(1st/2nd Grade)Season Outline:

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Latham Circle Soccer Club – Fall Recreational Program North American Division Season Outline: 

Thank You for volunteering your time for this soccer season! At this age group level - 1st and 2nd Graders - we continue to expand on the fundamentals of teamwork and commitment, and improve basic soccer skills. But mostly, the focus of our recreational program is on having fun playing soccer. Some basic information on the NA Division design follows. Much more detail can be found in the Coaches and Referee’s Guide for players Grades 3 and up, which will be posted on the LCSC website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time, and thank you again for your service!

Gameday • Games are on Saturday mornings, starting the Saturday after Labor Day and running for 8 weeks until the end of October. Game start times may vary from week to week. Schedules will be posted and distributed to coaches.

Games are 65 minutes long: four 12-minute quarters, with a 2-min break between the first and second two quarters, and a 5-min halftime. There is a 10 minute warmup period, and teams are given 5 minutes to clear the field.

• Teams will be split into two squads on gameday; each squad will play a squad from an equally split opponent. Two 4v4 games will be played in tandem.

• There are absolutely NO penalty kicks, corner kicks, goal kicks or throw-ins allowed in the NA division.

• If the ball goes out of bounds, it is to be placed at the spot it exited the field and kicked back into play by the opposite team. Endline restarts should be placed at an appropriate distance from the goal. Restarts should be done as quickly as possible and should be a short pass; players shouldn’t be kicking it as hard as they can.

 For sideline restarts, coaches can opt to allow a throw-in. Player throwing in must keep both feet on the ground, put both hands on the ball, draw the ball behind the head and throw over head to one of their players to receive the throw in.

• If a hand ball occurs, put the ball on the ground where it occurred and continue playing. The team that did not cause the hand ball infraction would gain possession of the ball.

• This division has NO GOALIES. Coaches should not play a child back as a goalkeeper; all players are expected to move and participate in the field of play. We realize that some kids naturally migrate towards the goalie position, but it is the coach’s responsibility to keep them out of the goal (a goal arc might be painted on the field to help).

• Coaches referee the game. Teams have been built such that each smallsided game should have an adult representative from each team.

• After a goal, opposite team restarts the game with an indirect kick starting in the center of the field. Opposing team players should give at least a 5 ft buffer until ball is in play. 

• There are NEVER any defensive walls to block a kick.

• Players must stay on their feet. NO SLIDE TACKLING is allowed for any reason. If a player continually has a problem with this rule, they should be removed from the game and explained that this is a dangerous practice for this age level.

• Excessively rough play (pushing, kicking players away from the ball, taunting, badmouthing, etc.) should not be tolerated. Players should be removed from play if they need to regain control of themselves. Players with continual issues may be asked to sit out from a game or more. This level of play is meant to be fun with skill development along the way. Scores and standings are not kept; this is a purely recreational experience.

• Player attire is outlined in Coaches' Guide for Grades 3 and up. • Ball size: Size 3 Practice sessions

• Generally, teams should hold a weekly practice, at least for the first few weeks of the season. • Practice format is up to the coach.

Player Drop-offs – There will not be any player drop offs allowed near the crosswalk as it creates a traffic jam and is very dangerous for the kids.

Garbage – Please make sure that you and all of your children/players/parents pick up their garbage after each game and dispose of it properly. We have a great soccer complex; please help us to keep it clean.

Background Checks – Absolutely no adults are allowed on the sidelines with the players unless they have successfully completed the background check located on the Latham Soccer account website. Once you start practicing and identify a parent (s) that you would like to assist you during the games, please have them register themselves as helpers for your team (e.g. assistant coach) - The system will automatically require a background check.

The North American fields are as follows (and will be marked with field signs). All of the games will be played at the North Colonie Sports Complex on Boght Rd.  NA1 – First field on the right hand side as you walk down the hill.  NA2 (and potentially NA3) – located on the top large field (“Field 1”), near the concession stand.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Have a great season and thank you for all of your help. Latham Circle Soccer Recreational Program.

Coach guide - Grades 1 and 2 (NA).pdf